Binaural Beats and other forms of brainwave stimulation can guide your brainwave activity to produce powerful effects, including relaxation, cognition and even arousal! How? Well there are five brainwave groups, each have corresponding frequency ranges as well as specific effects that can be induced. Below is a table showing the main brainwave groups and the effects of entrainment on those groups.

The effects of a dose will vary in intensity from person to person, and some are actually entirely immune. But for those of us who feel the effects, they can be long-lasting for some and short-lived for others. The time it takes for the effects to wear off really just depends on how quickly ones brainwaves naturally return to a normal state.

To maximize the effects of your dose it is important to always use headphones and be in a relaxed environment, ease yourself into a meditative state to help your brainwave entrain themselves more easily.